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L2 The Phoenix Rules Empty L2 The Phoenix Rules

Post  Hades on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:46 am

If player didn't read this rules that dosen't make him not guilty!!

1.Do not give your personal information to anyone!,if you do so GM will not punish but if your items will be taken GM's will do nothing about!!
2.Do not curse donators,or bash them, donators makes your server up!
3.Do not beg for stuff from other player! possible punish is jail
4.Dual Boxing Allowed!

5.Do not wall shoot!!,if you wall shoot once you may just jailed but if you do so often you may be banned!!
6.Exploit,False report,Hacking will be punished imediently!
7.Third Party programs are not allowed possible punish is ban!
8.Dont farm pvp kills for reward!
9.Dont advertise another server!
10.Don't dissrespect gms!
GMs will never ask for personal accounts!


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